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Defining marketing jargon that defines your customers | target audience, buyer persona, audience profile.

In: Glossary By: Kudzai Nyakwima 13 Jul, 2023


A target audience is a group of people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. They are defined by their demographics, such as age, gender, income, and location. They may also be defined by their psychographics, such as their interests, values, and lifestyle.

A buyer persona is a fictionalized representation of your ideal customer. It is based on real data about your existing customers, but it is also informed by your own assumptions and insights. Buyer personas typically include information about the persona's demographics, psychographics, goals, challenges, and pain points.

An audience profile is a more general description of your target audience. It includes information about their demographics, psychographics, and interests. However, it does not go into as much detail as a buyer persona.

The main difference between a target audience, buyer persona, and audience profile is the level of detail. A target audience is a broad group of people, while a buyer persona is a specific individual. An audience profile falls somewhere in between.

Here is a table that summarizes the differences between target audience, buyer persona, and audience profile:


Characteristic Target Audience Buyer Persona Audience Profile
Level of detail Broad Detailed General
Data source Demographics Demographics, psychographics, goals, challenges, pain points Demographics, psychographics, interests
Purpose To understand who your target market is To understand your ideal customer To understand your overall target audience

Here are some examples of target audiences, buyer personas, and audience profiles:

  • Target audience: Women aged 25-35 who live in urban areas and have an interest in fashion.
  • Buyer persona: Amanda, a 30-year-old fashion blogger who lives in New York City. She is passionate about fashion and trends, and she loves to share her finds with her followers. She is always looking for new and affordable ways to update her wardrobe.
  • Audience profile: Fashion-conscious women aged 25-35 who live in urban areas. They are interested in following fashion trends and finding affordable ways to update their wardrobes.

I hope this helps!