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Orbit Revolution is passionate about elevating companies that are willing to push boundaries and be unique. We help brands represent themselves in the digital world by creating and implementing thorough online marketing strategies and putting their clients' needs before anyone else. We are Orbit Revolution, a full-service Creative Digital Agency that empower ambitious businesses. Our digital products/services are not limited to brand size or your company budget, we always find a way to come up with the best solutions to bring the best out of your business.

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Orbit is a progressive and insightful design agency,technically and creatively skilled to translate your brand into its best digital self. Our design and development approach creates impactful, engaging brands and immersive digital experiences that bring you a return on creativity. The digital world is changing fast, and your business should be ready to embrace what's next. We take pride in creating Digital Experiences that drive growth to companies of all sizes Ready to work together on a great website that gets results? Contact us now for a free quote.

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Makeup and Beauty Artist

Makah Beauty

Makeup and beauty artist Makaita Mafuba needed a website that allows her to showcase her unique skills, tell her story, drive more sales and allow her clients to make bookings. Our work was then to balance form and functionality; by designing a beautiful website that serves its purpose. Well, I think we did quite the job. Click the button below to view the website.

Transport, Energy & Logistics


Classy, if we're to describe the website in one word. A simple but beautiful, one-page website. So, what principles did we apply here? Minimalistic! The rule is to remove everything that is not useful and make sure that the remaining piece of information draws attention as it's supposed to. So, to spice it up a bit, we made the cursor unique, a circle with a magnifying effect through some elements. The website has two options: dark and light mode, but the default is dark mode.