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Digital Marketing Strategies

We create concepts and campaigns to make your business grow.

Digital Presence comes first. We create campaigns and digital marketing strategies that help brands and businesses achieve great results, drive new leads and visitors to your website and help them convert.

We have an experienced team of marketers and strategic planners, skilled in creative digital campaigns across online and social media platforms.

Orbit Revolution drives traffic, build engagement, score meaningful conversions and cultivate long-term relationships with smart, cost-effective, integrated campaigns that focus on relevant targets.

Want your brand to
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Digital marketing is all about promoting brands to connect with potential clients on different online platforms; the web, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Our team of marketing experts work by thoroughly assessing your business needs and carefully crafting the whole sales journey for your potential clients. We think about how to reach your potential clients. How to convince them that they should buy from you and finally close deals. We don't just stop there. We create a system that serves your customers better and fosters a strong relationship with your clients.

Digital Marketing Africa

Digital Marketing in Africa

Paid Advertising
Organic Reach &
Social Media

  • Story/Idea Concepting

  • Copywriting

  • Research & Analytics

  • Visuals and Graphic Content

  • Professional Photography

  • Targeting & Planning

We bring the best in digital marketing strategy, content creation and research to help you conceive, plan, test and build digital products from scratch. Starting with a clear understanding of your audience, Orbit Revolution’s digital strategy process model results in a framework for how to tell your story in a logical sequence in order to achieve optimal results.

Our digital marketing strategies include a purposeful measurement plan that defines meaningful goals, targets, segments and KPIs. Our data measurement methodology identifies what channels are truly performing, where to find the greatest cost efficiencies, and what impact digital campaigns are truly making on your operations.

Digital Marketing Services

Want more sales? Let us help you

Digital products

Web Content management and publishing

  • Web content building, editing and publishing

  • Responsive page and template design

  • Routine and ad hoc content audits

  • Document uploads and updates

Digital products

Advertising, Analytics and SEO

  • Web advertising services

  • Web analytics reporting

  • Custom dashboard creation

  • Search Engine Optimisation services

Digital products

Social media support

  • Social media analysis

  • Multi-channel account set-up

  • Analytics, listening and monitoring services

  • Distribution of posts and updates

Digital Marketing

Every marketing campaign serves a larger digital strategy, and that strategy serves a business goal. To ensure what we deliver aligns with what you need,Orbit Revolution’s Google Analytics-certified content strategists work closely with your marketing team and other company stakeholders to understand your industry, your organisation and your goals. We build a partnership that is focused on getting results

Why Choose Us As Your
Digital Marketing Agency?

We always deliver! And we promise to give you 100% of our attention and effort. We plan and deploy strategies as if we are doing it for ourselves -with the same love and care. And we will always be honest and transparent about our thoughts and techniques because you deserve to know. You will know what we're spending hours on and where your money is going - because we know it does not grow on trees. Because we want to see you grow, we will do everything we can to help you win!

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