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Graphic Design

Creating Outstanding Brands

Visual Design at it's core is communication, A single frame, a single dot can make the difference between whether your message connects with the audience or not. Through years of research, trying and testing, we have mastered the art and science of design and understand exactly what needs to be done to deliver value driven design to everything we do.

We design beautiful Logos. We create lasting brands.We make long lasting impressions. if you are ready to start building your brand today, then what are you waiting for? Contact Us Now!

Creating Brand

The Brand Identity of your company is like your DNA or your fingerprint, it is your brands unique identifier.It is what makes your brand stand apart from your competitors, and lets face it, who doesn't want to stand out?. A key part of that identity is your logo. The logo represents your brand as much as the name does and having the perfect logo is absolutely crucial.The Colors that are related to your brand are also a key aspect of your identity and picking the right colors is a must as these can communicate with your audeince at a subconsious level. At Orbit revolution we have studied the theories behind design and how to use them to create the perfect Brand.

Use of Color
Psychology in Design

Color psychology is the study of how colors determine human emotions and behaviors.Color psychology, shape psychology, line psychology, and font psychology all play a major role in the success of your designs. Before anyone even knows what a logo says, they have a split-second reaction that completely dictates what they think about the brand.Each color speaks to a different aspect of the consumer. Green elicits peace and well-being. Pink is feminine with a touch of luxury. Brown is an earthy color associated with stability, and so forth. At Orbit Revolution we employ these concepts to create products that speak for your brand, because-(no joke)—the wrong colors can drive them away.

Graphic Design Tools of the craft
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